Webinar: Using DOE to Get New Products on the Shelf Faster



On-Demand Webinar: Time is Precious: Using DOE to Get New Products on the Shelf Faster 

Presented by Cyril Bajracharya, Research Chemist, and Sarah Kovach, Market Growth Manager

From thickening those stubborn sulfate free shampoos to pinpointing the exact foam aesthetic, Design of Experiments (DOE) can help you expedite and simplify the product development process. Design of Experiments is a scientific approach that utilizes multi-variable modeling to understand response factors of a particular system. Stepan Personal Care employs the use of DOE specifically for surfactant systems to understand the interactions between different surfactant choices in cleansing applications.

Join Stepan Personal Care as we provide a high-level overview of DOE and its value in the product development process. We highlighted:

  • A review of the current surfactant trends in personal care cleansers, specifically looking into how recent legislations are impacting the market,
  • An introduction to DOE: what it is, how it works, and why it will save you time in your next product development efforts, and
  • A step-by-step demonstration of using DOE to develop a modern, sulfate-free shampoo, tackling common challenges such as performance, thickening and cost optimization.

Find out how this powerful tool can get your products on the shelf faster!




About the Presenters

Cyril Bajracharya
Research Chemist

Cyril Bajracharya is a Research Chemist at Stepan Company, formulating products for Stepan’s emollient portfolio and numerous other projects. He has a master’s degree in chemistry from Idaho State University and more than seven years of experience in the personal care industry. Bajracharya has vast formulation knowledge in categories such as skin care, surfactant systems and hot fill products.

Sarah Kovach
Market Growth Manager for Personal Care & Consumer Specialties

Sarah Kovach is the Market Growth Manager for Personal Care & Consumer Specialties for Stepan Company. She has been with Stepan for over 10 years, previously serving in technical and product development roles within R&D. Kovach is responsible for growing Stepan’s current and future Personal Care portfolio through strategic marketing efforts as well as directing and supporting Stepan’s global R&D, sales and marketing teams in product commercializations and promotions. Kovach has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree in chemistry from DePaul University.